How to solve summation notation in statistics

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APPENDIX A1: Summation Notation

The following formula means to sum up the weights of the four grapes: (1.11.1) ∑ i = 1 4 X i. The Greek letter capital sigma ( ∑) indicates summation. The i = 1 at the bottom
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Sigma notation

Evaluate an expression that includes summation notation. Apply summation notation to calculate statistics. This notation is called summation notation and appears as: In this notation, the is

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Summation Notation

Explains summation notation and gives examples

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Summation notation (also called sigma notation) (article)

m ∑ i=nai = an + an+1 + an+2 + + am−2 + am−1+ am ∑ i = n m a i = a n + a n + 1 + a n + 2 + + a m − 2 + a m − 1 + a m. The i i is called the index of summation. This notation
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