Find Z-score Given Area using Z-table

There are three ways to find the z-score that corresponds to a given area under a normal distribution curve 1. Use the z-table. 2. Use the Percentile to Z-Score Calculator. 3. Use

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Z-score Calculator

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Z-score Calculator

To find the area to the right, we first find the area to the left of the z-score, then we subtract that area from 1. By simple subtraction from 1, or 100%, we have 1 – .9370 = .0630

How to Find Area Left of a Z Score

Method 1: Use z table. To find the area to the left of the z-score, we can simply look up the value -1.07 in the z-table: The area to the left of z = -1.07 is 0.1423. Applied to our scenario, this means approximately 14.23% of

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Percentile to Z-Score Calculator

Learn how to find the z-score given the area of the normal curve that is shaded. This video focuses on using the z-table to find this value.If you want to v