How to write an equation in scientific notation

This can help the student to understand the problem and How to write an equation in scientific notation.

Scientific notation examples (video)

First, move the decimal point to the right so that you have a number that is between \ (1\) and \ (10\). Then: \ (N=1.2\) Second, determine how many places the decimal moved in step \ (1\)

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How to Write in Scientific Notation

First, let's investigate the powers of 10. Do you know your powers of 10? 10 1 = 10 10 1 = 10 10 2 = 10 x 10 = 100 10 3 = 10 x10 x 10 = 1,000 10 4 = 10 x10 x10 x10 = 10,000 10 5 = 10 x10 x 10 x

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Scientific Notation

Shows how to insert numbers in scientific notation in Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 using the built in equation editor.

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Converting to Scientific Notation – Technique & Examples

Using scientific notation is as easy as following the steps below: Locate the decimal’s original position. Positive or negative numbers are interpreted. Add and subtract until you get a number